JNTUH B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 1-2 Supplementary Examinations Are Rescheduled from 24th July 2021

JNTUH All the affiliated and constituent college principals are informed that the B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 1-2 supplementary leftover university examinations which were scheduled from 05-07-2021 are rescheduled from 24th July 2021. Detailed time table updated below.

JNTUH B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 1-2 Semester Supplementary Examinations Time Table - July 2021


  1. Is this fr. Wheres the source?

    1. This info is true & you will get the info from your college soon...

  2. We are having mids(3-2) from 19th how will we study for 1-2 now please postpone the exams sir/mam understand our situation again after mids we will have internal lab and external labs and again 3-2 theory te is very less sir/mam please reschedule these xams again sir.

  3. This is literally un humen people the students have to study for the regular exams they are bothered about there supply exams we have Labinternal external then semester end exams how should the students Manage this all why don't this people understand they can also take the exams after the regular exams....

  4. #Reschedule exams unfair exams

  5. We have mid exams labs and records and we have to study for end sem exams we can't write the exams we are humein not robot ok please use commonsense before taking the exams think twice property before conducting think about your and others children's also

  6. Residue exams after end sem exams

  7. When the date of 1-1 supply/regular and 1-2 supply/regular exam came, why was not conduct and how to prepare now?
    And after this exam you have to give 2-2 regular also.
    You also know that the third wave of Covid is about to come, if any student turns out to be Covid positive, then who will be responsible for it.
    postpone for what reason

  8. We have mid exame how we do


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