JNTUH B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 4-2 Semester Revised Academic Calendar Dated on 5th June 2021

JNTUH With reference to the lockdown period (12-5-2021 to 22-5-2021) and lockdown extension till 09-06-2021, a revised academic calendar for B. Tech / B. Pharm. IV Year - II Semester is rescheduled The Principals of Constituent and Affiliated Colleges of JNTUH are requested to make a note and instruct the faculty to follow accordingly.

This is for your reference and necessary action.

JNTUH Revised B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 4-2 Semester Academic Calendar For Academic Year 2020-2021

1Commencement of II Semester classwork22-03-2021
21st Spell of Instructions including
First Mid Term Examinations
22-03-202101-05-20216 Weeks
3Submission of First Mid Term
Exam Marks to the University on or before
42nd Spell of Instructions including Second
Mid Term Examinations
03-05-202126-06-20218 Weeks
5Project Viva-Voce and Preparatory Holidays28-06-202130-06-2021
6Submission of Second Mid Term Exam Marks
and Project Viva-Voce to the University on or before
7Commencement of 4-2 Semester Examinations01-07-202107-07-20211 Week

JNTUH B.Tech / B.Pharmacy 4-2 Semester Revised Academic Calendar Dated on 5th June 2021


  1. When you will release 3-1 result s

  2. When will release 4-1 results

  3. When you will release 4-1 results

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  5. When you will release 4-1 results
    And what about remaining supply exams.

  6. What about 4-1 result and remaining exams ,why JNTUH is playing life of the students ,Shame on this type of University, Inshaallah in future this university will be totally closed and destroy...😡😡

  7. Why is JNTUH risking our lives what is wrong with online mode of examination ?
    When online mode can be successful in Maharashtra why can't JNTUH take exams online ?

  8. What about 4-1 remaining exam

  9. With out releasing 4-1 exam results.
    How will you keep 4-2 exams.

  10. Why university making this type thinking already corona 2 way created so much damage and many people are losed there lifes ... Scientists are saying that 3 way more dangers then 2 way.why your thinking about it.. Why is jntuh people risking our lives ..


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