Monday, 6 July 2020

UGC Letter regarding Revised Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for the Universities in view of COVID-19 Pandemic

UGC Revised Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for the Universities in view of COVID-19 Pandemic

The University Grants Commission (UGC) has issued Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for the Universities in View of COVID-19 Pandemic and Subsequent Lockdown on 29th April, 2020. In these Guidelines it was proposed to conduct the examinations in July 2020. The said Expert Committee was requested to revisit the Guidelines for Examinations and Academic Calendar as the number of COVID cases are still rising and likely to increase further. The Report of the Expert Committee was considered and approved by the Commission in its emergent meeting held on 6th July 2020.

Note :
  • Terminal semester meaning : The last/final semester of a course.
  • Intermediate semester meaning : The semester other than last/final semester or first semester.

In continuation to earlier Guidelines issued on 29.04.2020 and based on the Report of the Expert Committee, the following Revised Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for the Universities in view of COVID-19 Pandemic were also approved by the Commission in its emergent meeting held on 6th July 2020:

In view of the emerging situation related to COVID-19 pandemic in India, it is important to safeguard the principles of health, safety, fair and equal opportunity for students. At the same time, it is very crucial to ensure academic credibility, career opportunities and future progress of students globally. Academic evaluation of students is very important milestone in any education system. The performance in examinations gives confidence and satisfaction to the students and is a reflection of competence, performance and credibility that is necessary for global acceptability.

1. Mode of Terminal Semester/ Final Year Examinations (2019-20) The universities are required to complete the examinations by the end of September, 2020 in offline (pen & paper)/ online/ blended (online + offline) mode following the prescribed protocols/ guidelines related to COVID-19 pandemic.

2. Provision of Examination through Special Chance In case a student of terminal semester/ final year is unable to appear in the examination conducted by the University for whatsoever the reason(s) may be, he/she may be given opportunity to appear in special examinations for such course(s)/ paper(s), which may be conducted by the university as and when feasible, so that the student is not put to any inconvenience/ disadvantage. The above provision shall be applicable only for the current academic session 2019-20 as a one-time measure.

3. Backlog of Papers in Respect of Terminal Semester(s)/ Final Year Students The students of terminal semester/ final year students having backlog should compulsorily be evaluated by conducting examinations in offline (pen & paper)/ online/ blended (online + offline) mode as per feasibility and suitability.

4. The guidelines regarding intermediate semester/ year examinations will remain unchanged as notified on 29th April, 2020.

5. The relevant details, if need be, pertaining to the Admissions and Academic Calendar in the universities and colleges shall be issued separately in place of those mentioned in the earlier guidelines issued on 29th April, 2020.

6. Notwithstanding the above guidelines regarding conduct of examination and commencement of next academic session, every university/ institution has to ensure that it is prepared in all respects to carry out the academic activities following necessary protocols/guidelines/directions/advisories issued by the Central/State Governments and MHRD/ UGC from time to time, in view of COVID-19.

Letter regarding revised UGC Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar - Dated on 6th July 2020

UGC Revised Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar for the Universities in view of COVID 19 Pandemic - Dated on 6th July 2020

UGC Guidelines on Examinations and Academic Calendar - Dated on 29th April 2020


  1. Sir exams kosam ma life ni risk lo bpetakandi

  2. Guys wait for state government decision

    1. If state government says no then there won't be any exams ryt?

  3. What about the students who are having backlogs(no regular exams) of intermediate semester??

  4. Sir what about r13 batch backlog xam is nt having clarity about regular n backlog

  5. Other state Ka students Kaisa aa Kar exam dega sir
    Example:- Bihar

  6. Y are so eagerly waiting to keep exams are u want to see the death bodies of the students of the various universities

  7. This request to cancle and promote the students

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  9. R13 batch Ka students death dekhna rah gya hai

  10. Now we to wait goverment decision?or what

  11. Now we have to wait goverment decision or put this guideline on consideration

  12. University should think about the current situation as the number of cases increasing day by day... I'm not saying to promote freely, but I'm trying to say that there are many institutions that conduct online examination in every city like delhi, Guwahati, kolkata. Govt should manage exams at those centers as like rrb requirement examination. It will help students to exam in their nearest city and remove the fear of this pandemic condations. To manage exams like that, u may release a web link publically where students can fill out their location with their hall ticket to know tge students current and nearest city. After passing examination, University should release the certificates online or ship to the students current address... Because, in this situation, traveling to another place can be risk with their life... And problem is not only with the traveling, it is also with the staying perpous. Can u think about where a student stay to attend examination!

  13. Conduct online exam and those who can't give on-line exams can come and write the exams in September

  14. In Hyderabad 1000+ Covid-19 cases are seen daily in this situation you thinking to conduct examination we are not afraid of examination this not new for us we are not even afraid of our lives we are afraid about the lives of our family and society doctors claims that no community transmission has started in India and we don't want to become the reason of community transmission So kindlyabout it again

  15. And one more thing, conduct all exams at a time... Because students cannot traveling multiple time or they cannot more at contaminant area... In both of the cause, they may affected by covid 19 . I suggest u to take examination in batch wise, and University should release the date and time of examination against HALL TICKET number. If any students having multiple subject in multiple semester, University should arrange the exam as much closer time they can... Otherwise, it may cause risk of life... Thank you

  16. Why don't u care about our Lifes u will be conducting exams in September and results will be announced after 2 months and we will get our certificate in one month we should search our jobs in 2021 right I have a job offer we I have certificate I can go but u want to delay it four more 6 months and this half year losses is I'm not gaing any knowledge or experience and no one is paying me I will be sitting in home like idle and bcz if ur late exams my losses is 1l 50k u won't pay that too u just spoiling our Lifes every student is under depression because there life is not in their hands it just depends on u plz requesting you conduct exams within 5days or promote us we are ready to write exams but we are not ready waste our time 6mobths

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