JNTUH New guidelines to conduct semester examinations of UG and PG courses - June/July 2020

JNTUH (JNTU-Hyderabad) The Principals of the colleges are informed to note the following guidelines necessitated due to Covid-19 pandemic, with regard to conduct of examinations at your respective colleges.

1) All the students and staff members must wear masks while they are on the campus.

2) Sanitizers are to be provided at the entrance of the campus/building and the security onduty must ensure that every staff member / student clean their hand with the liquid sanitizers. The security should allow those, who only wear masks.

3) Social distancing should be maintained at every place viz. inside the classrooms, laboratories, examination halls and places of common amenities like canteen etc.

4) Thermal scanning has to be carried out at the place of entry into the campus to all students and the staff.

5) Appropriate measures need to be taken to maintain sufficient distancing while operating the college buses.

6) All the class rooms where the classes and examinations are conducted, the laboratories and college buses are to be sanitized on regular basis.

7) If any student falls sick, he/she should be kept in isolated place; proper care and appropriate first aid treatment must be rendered.

8) It is advisable to maintain the same seating plans and seating places for the students who appear for all regular examinations (However this provision may not be feasible to supplementary examinations).

9) The examination hall seating arrangements should be such that, only one person per bench is to be allocated and in successive benches the seating may be arranged in zig-zag manner, so that the students sitting on successive benches do not sit in one single row.

With regard to the conduct of examinations during June-August, 2020, following new procedures have been proposed, in compliance of the UGC/TSSCHE guidelines, due to Covid-19 pandemic:

1) All the end-semester examinations shall be conducted for a duration of two hours. However the maximum marks of external exams shall remain the same.

2) The pattern of examination shall be “Five out of eight question pattern”. There shall be no compulsory section with short answer questions. The questions shall be set/moderated such that the students can comfortably answer each question within 20 minutes time.

3) Students attendance shall be calculated as follows: i) Attendance of all the days during which the class works had been conducted shall be counted at par and ii) from the date when the lock-down (due to corona pandemic) was announced by the Government of Telangana, the students were deemed to be present for all the online classes and full attendance for the entire lock-down period shall be counted. Considering the above two parameters, the lists of students who are detained due to shortage of attendance shall be prepared and shall be kept in the respective Principal accounts of the exams registration portal.

4) There shall be no credit based detentions for the academic year 2020-21. This relaxation is applicable to all the regular students as well as to all the students who detained in previous academic years (and not attending the classes) due to shortage of credits.

5) The semester-end examinations shall be conducted at respective parent colleges only. There will be no shuffling of the students from parent college to host college. However for the colleges which have applied for progressive closure and the colleges where the number of students enrolled for the examinations are less than a specified threshold, one of the nearby colleges shall be identified for their students to write the semester examinations.

6) IV year II semester B. Tech. / B. Pharm. Exams shall be conducted from 20-06-2020. The schedule of second mid-term examinations shall be intimated within a week time.

7) If any student is unable to attend the IV B.Tech. / B.Pharm. II semester exams due to mobility restrictions caused by corona pandemic, such students can appear for the advanced supply exams which shall be scheduled within 45 days after the conduct of regular B.Tech. / B.Pharm. II semester exams.

8) The even semester (regular) exams of I, II and III B.Tech. / B.Pharm. shall be conducted from 16-07-2020 and the odd semester (supplementary) exams of B.Tech. / B.Pharm. shall be conducted immediately after the regular exams ie. from 03-08-2020. The commencement dates of semester exams of different courses is listed in the table below:

9) The principals are informed to utilize the duration from 01-07-2020 to 15-07-2020 for conducting the contact sessions with the subject teachers, the lab experiments, mid-term examinations and the external lab examinations.

10) The notification for the I B. Tech. /B. Pharm. II semester regular examinations and I Sem supply exams has already been issued and the registrations should be completed by the officer-incharge-examinations or the competent authority of the college on or before 06-06- 2020 (last date without late fee).

11) Appropriate measures must be taken to receive the examination fee, RC/RV/CV fee from the students either by the payment portal of the respective colleges or by other means. Students should not be encouraged to come to college to make the fee payment. The Principal's office should remit the consolidated fee to the University examination branch account like in the earlier days.

12) As and when the colleges receive a communication from the University with regard to exam notifications, exam results, RC/RV or CV, a proper mechanism should be devised (like whatsapp group or equivalent) at the college and department levels to ensure that the message reaches the target students.

13) The Principals are requested to go through the notification w.r.t the change in different deadlines and the dates for collection of exam materials which are necessitated due to the change in the schedule of the examinations (ref. revised notification MBA/MCA letter no - 803 B. Tech/B. Pharm letter no-804 Pharm D and Pharm D (PB) letter no-805 ).

The cooperation of the Principals is highly solicited for the smooth and successful conduct of semester examinations.

JNTUH New guidelines to conduct semester examinations of UG and PG courses - June/July 2020


  1. Sir
    i m frm assam and now a m in assam
    How can i attend the exm sir .nowadays the pandemic covid 19 cases increased 9-10 k per day. Sir i want to cancelled the intermediate semester exam,thus my obliges

    1. I am in maharashtra how to attend exam
      Btech 2 year

  2. They do scanning at the entrance. What about the travelling time they don't know who is having corona +ve.

  3. You people are going to risk the lives of youth with no sense !! You got only one agenda is " what ever may be the problem we need to finish the examination at any cost wether it may be a life of one or many "!😕😕

  4. sir ,please just cancel the exam

  5. I think examinations are not correct in these moment(covid-19). Life is more than valuable for us.

  6. Just cancel the exam because here the cases are increasing on daily basis

  7. U will conduct regular exams ok we will attend by taking risk what is the benefit of having only regular exams many final year students have backlogs if u conduct exam conduct all the exams as early as possible other wise cancel exams and we i.e final year students need to attend many other central exams we have more pressure of those exams and this btech

  8. So all the students are safe until Jul 16..... Fuck

  9. Please cancel the exams. It is not safe for the students as well as staff.

  10. First provide safe transportation to each and every student even in containment zones students too sir, with maintenance of social distance.

  11. dont keep the exams know please

  12. Conduct exams only for final yr students otherwise entire youth will be in trouble plzz requesting u people
    cancel the present seem and promote the students plzzzzz

  13. We can't risk our life.. It's dangerous for us to travel

  14. Suppose if I affected with this carona i will file case on jntuh......

  15. Sir postpone the exams its better for our safety

  16. Sir please post pone the exams sir

  17. idar comment kare tho kuch bi nahi hota jake twiiter me ktr sir ko post karo

  18. Sir, it's severe Risk to attend Examination in Covid-19 Pandemic.
    It is Harm to us and it is also Responsible for increasing the Corona pandemic.so,please sir postpone this exam untill the End of this Pandemic.

    It is not a Good Idea to take Decision under pandemic otherwise it's like a play with youth's Life.

    We Hope! You will choose a Better Option.

  19. Sir,if in case college in contonment what I want do. Sir please postpone the exams

  20. Siggu leduu meku ee time lo exams pedtar

  21. How is exam paper pattern .two hours .pls tell me

  22. How is exam paper pattern .two hours .pls tell me

  23. i am from other state..how it's possible.

  24. Cancel the exam!
    Exams are not important than the lives of the youth.

  25. I think the university should promote the students ..and exams should not be conducted.otherwise there might be a slight delay for the upcoming semester ...online classes will not be enough for the students .this is graduation .not the primary schools

  26. Some students having the backlogs after completd her 4 years


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